McFadden Civil Engineering

About Us

McFadden (Civils) Ltd is committed to serving the needs of our clients by providing a civil engineering service that exceeds client expectations and provides value.  Our clients consider that McFadden (Civils) Ltd’s strengths are the provision of a value for money service that exhibits high quality workmanship and marries flexibility with the ability to deliver on time.

About Us

In order to achieve this goal we endeavor to:

  • Work closely with you to ensure your requirements are achieved
  • Exercise best practices at all times
  • Evaluate our sub contract team carefully and work closely with them to ensure quality on contracts will be achieved
  • Strive to “Do things right first time and every time
  • Continually train and develop staff to provide a multitalented workforce
  • Maintain our plant and equipment in top working condition
  • Encourage efficient use of materials, conservation of energy and correct disposal of materials to support the environment
  • Continually improve on the effectiveness of our quality system through review and improvement of our processes

Current Employment Opportunities

At present, we have need of experienced sub-contractors to undertake civil engineering work n Ireland and the UK.  Only sub-contractors with employers and public liability insurance and a valid Tax Certificate should apply.  If you have all of the above please contact today to fnd out more.

    Quality Assurance | Experience | Reputation

    Most of all our quality assurance is reflected in the company as result of achieving ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 accreditations; in addition to our registration with Construction Line that is especially relevant.

We constantly adhere to the highest standards of H&S and ISO guidelines