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Casement – Department of Defence

PROJECT LOCATION: Baldonnel, Dublin, Ireland


Project Details

The works are within Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, Dublin, Ireland, a protected curtilage comprising numerous protected structures. Works are within the confines of the Aerodrome. Works are both landside and airside. Airside works encompass the apron and two taxiways.

The new water network has been designed as a ring main. The site requires approx. 4.8 km of water mains and 1.5 km of service pipework to be laid, to serve the service entry points and hydrants

This project involves the installation of a new water distribution system connecting to 68 existing service pipes and 28 no. fire hydrants. The new water network shall be laid up to and within 48 buildings with the final connection to the existing internal building pipework. The new network will also connect externally to 20 existing service pipes. Connections are also required to an existing 50 mm PVC water main and 125 mm uPVC water main.

The works include installing water mains, construction of valve, meter and hydrant chambers, reinstatement of roads and airside apron, installing buried services and making the final connection to existing internal pipework, insulating above ground external water pipes, core drilling and rendering, commissioning new buried mains and services including pressure testing, flushing, swabbing, disinfecting and water quality testing, procuring materials and liaising with South Dublin County Council (SDCC) to co-ordinate connection of the new network to the existing site main. SDCC are to provide a new water meter and kiosk, to be placed in a water meter chamber.